Getting lost through technology

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Around dinner tables, in church, shopping malls, classrooms, everywhere, one cannot stop to be over whelmed by the rate life is passing by due to the usage of tech gadgets (more especially cellphones and or laptops) Truly said, we are in an age where they play a very important role in our lives, but if care not taken, this can later lead to unintended consequences of an event or action.

Quality time

It is totally lost considering the fact that we take our cellphones to the dinner tables, in our bedrooms or just sitting around the lounge. No more story telling around fire or catching up with loved ones, reflecting on the day at school for kids or at work for mom and dad, it is a mess!!. How do we  then realize if there are some red lights flashing in one of the family members when there is no time? And then we get surprised when school send for social services that “Johnny” is taking drugs, and “Jane” ‘s performance has dropped since the beginning of the second quarter. Very traumatizing!!

Lost concentration

The stats are alarming. Each and everyday lives are lost on  the road due to accidents and chances are that some were involved with their mobile devices when an unwelcome event happened. Texting while driving, I cannot begin to imagine how is that possible, really!!Does it come with experience, or simply being ignorant and selfish? I still reel over shock seeing someone texting and driving at the same time.

Children are slowly drowning into depression because of the overwhelming information they intact with.They can’t sit and read a book quietly for an hour or so, for them is all about clicking and clicking those buttons. Very shocking.

Life is a precious gift from God that must celebrated at all times.

Time well spent is the one spent around family, friends, the sick and the needy. Love looks around to see who is need, and how we express this love? By sharing with others, this can be :

.Our time

.Our hugs and kisses

.Words of encouragement

And time with our Creator too, God Almighty,very crucial!!

The best things in life are free and always seems like not important, but are Very significant and we need to instill this from infancy when children  are still young.

Let love lead!!


Dimakatso Kwababa is a health professional with a deep passion for reading and writing, and has now evolved herself to become a writer. Strongly believe in the power of words.The power of life and death lies in the words we utter through our mouths. Her profile is on  LinkedIn and Facebook and can be contacted @





The Life of a Single Mom as a Freelancer in South Africa

Guest post by Dimakatso Kwababa

Foreword By Greg

As most of you know, I love helping new freelancers get a grasp on their business. This young Mother from South Africa contacted me with a few questions and moved by her spirit to learn, I offered her an opportunity to put her words out for Lancerlife readers to see.

This post touches me deeply and I am sure it will you.

Please give a word of encouragement to Dimakatso in the comments at the end.

I call it the journey…

as it is indeed the road I traveled to the point of self-discovery.

I have always had this deep passion for reading, research and writing. This passion was more like a bug that kept nagging me for a long time; like words were piling up in my brain and I felt like my head will explode.

I decided to hit for my pen and paper and started to write, let it all out.south african kids

I started writing about everything and anything that I hear or read about, especially if the topic had a positive message that can have an impact on one’s life.

For me, chilling out was mainly around books, pen and a notepad, just reading and writing something. But there I was a single mom of two kids with a 9 – 5 job that was taking more of me than I was getting from it. The motherly instincts were in full gear and all I wanted was to quit the spirit – draining job, have enough time with my kids and be able to take care of them financially, emotionally and otherwise.

I only had a lot of notes lying around with no idea what to do about them.

I searched the internet for the work at home opportunities available and there it was –

freelance writing,

Writers Work - Get Paid to Writeand how one can actually make a living out of it.

Working from home and being able to take care of my kids meant the world to me, so this was more than perfect for me.

I decided to take a leap of faith and started to learn about freelance writing. However, I must say that the journey was long and lonely one for someone who wants to develop this passion of writing into an established business but has no clue how to begin or not sure if it’s possible to make a living as a writer.

Being a single mom who is trying to venture into something new without any experience was not a walk in the park, as it meant one has to give it all in order to make things work.

First, you are not an A-list freelancer,

  • have no experience or impressive portfolio to convince clients out there,
  • have no idea how to pitch,
  • what to write
  • or how to market yourself.

The industry is very competitive and you are experiencing mixed feelings, paralyzed along the way because you are wearing too many hats on your head.

Everything depends on you even when you don’t feel like it, quitting was not an option.

You are driven by nothing else except passion, vision and an eager heart.

Anyway, I knew that there was more within me than the hurdles I was experiencing along the way. I wanted flexibility, not a soul reaping 9 – 5 job.

To be able to take care of my kids financially, emotionally and otherwise.

The freedom to do whatever you like at your own time.

I made a ton of mistakes that cost money – money which I did not have. But the thought of getting paid to write, turning my passion for writing into a profitable and sustainable business gave me confidence and strength to make an income as a freelance writer.

I have come to realize that where there is passion and drive, there is no limit as to how far one can go.

Every day is a learning curve as one needs to develop more skills needed to start off on the right track.
La Coqueta

What services to offer to clients, goals and visions for the future and developing a positive mindset.

The world is forever changing

  • business,
  • health,
  • education
  • and otherwise.

There will always be a demand of content or any written word for the world to receive, the power of the written word.

The journey of freelance is challenging but interesting as it is a world of learning and earning your way up.

Being a single mom with two kids and new into freelance is not quite glamorous at the beginning, but it is a life changing journey that is full of growth, self-discovery and endless opportunities.

I never wanted to go back to my 9 – 5 job, without any motivation or enthusiasm to do so and always having to be paid a “standard” salary even though you worked your bones out.

I decided to find out what is inside of me that can be fruitful or be able to multiply. Something that was the real me, a passion that lies deep in my heart. I came to realize that with passion, you don’t need to strain yourself by working long hard hours for no reward but you can spend few hours working on a good quality project that will expose you to paying clients out there.

At the end of it all, the biggest payoff is doing what I enjoy and having a work-life balance that would never be possible in a normal 9 – 5 job.

Passion led to my freedom, peace, growth and fulfillment.

Words can change lives, nations and ultimately the world at large.

About The Author

Dimakatso Merriam Kwababa is a medical technologist from South Africa who volunteers at children’s hospice and help find donors for the organization. A passionate individual with a deep passion for reading, research and writing and has just discovered a whole new world of freelance writing.

She strongly believes in the power of words, and with an eager heart to learn, she would love to develop her passion further into an established writer of note. With extensive experience in research, Dimakatso is determined to write and deliver only good, high quality articles that are very interesting and worth reading on social platforms.

Reading, Researching and Writing about any informative subjects is what drives her passion.

When not busy with her pen and paper, she spends her time doing community work in one area or the other. Social development is a very sensitive subject to her.

Dimakatso is active on Facebook, LinkedIn and can be contacted on

The Journey

I call it the  journey as it is indeed the road I traveled to the point of self discovery.Forty years later, and  have just started to know myself, to understand me better, to know my purpose. All the time it was about the norm, the culture, the religion, the belief system that was implanted for the past 40 years. This became a part of me, my identity,the person I am supposed to be around my people.You begin to know yourself when you know what you are not supposed to be. Dimakatso was created or sent into this world for a different purpose as opposed to what she has been doing all the time.I cannot begin to describe the danger of one  living outside their purpose for the sake “fitting” in- a meaningless life full of despair.
I strongly believe in the power of words – there is power in our mouths. Words have the power to change lives. They can pierce a heart deep like a two -edged sword, turn it around and go back with a guarantee  that change is bound to happen. Hence I believe that sometimes the solution to the problems we faced today in the world – poverty, sickness and diseases, war, affliction, etc is within us not out there.
I came to find out that my purpose in life is to help and change lives, change the nations and hopefully change the word. I have found out that I perform well, have more energy, passion when helping out to change even if is one person’s life. Anything to do with human development is very close to my heart. This came about from the WORD.  I read the word, not realizing that I am discovering myself, I am being re-connected to my original position, a process of renewal.
The world is sick, hopeless and without direction. Most of our troubles are tongue troubles. The belief in our hearts is released by faith into our mouths.I believe my journey for the past 40 years was but a preparation for a new level ahead. It was a process of learning, researching,discovery of which I cherish very much and intend to make change in any way I can. LET LOVE LEAD!!!